Kimi ni Todoke 104 By S2Scans

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Kimi ni Todoke 104 By S2Scans

Post by askani » Sat Feb 04, 2017 10:15 am

Oh my! Another chapter and so soon!

Huge thanks to all our readers for sticking with us and waiting patiently while we work on your favourite series!

Huge thanks to sakura & VariableFlame for helping with this chapter ~

As always, many thanks to our KnT team~

Translator: VariableFlame Proofreader: askani Editors: Sakura, shadowstorm, Wiz
QCer: askani Raws: Private



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Re: Kimi ni Todoke 104 By S2Scans

Post by Bullza » Wed Feb 08, 2017 7:26 pm

Sorry I'm just a little curious.

You'd done practically nothing with this series lately. In fact in all of 2016 you released only 2 chapters.

Then last week another scanlator released chapter 103. You then also released chapter 103 on the very same day.

A few days ago that same scanlator released chapter 104. You've also again now released chapter 104 very quickly afterwards.

So to do only 2 chapters in all of 2016 and then suddenly release 2 chapters back to back just when another scanlator happened to release those chapters.....Pretty weird no? Why are you only now releasing the chapters just when someone else has finally gotten around to it?

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