Salaryman Exorcist 13 By S2Scans

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Salaryman Exorcist 13 By S2Scans

Post by Kristine » Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:32 am

Do I hear the cries for more of our favourite megane exorcist? O:

Worry not, dear readers! Here is another chapter for you all! It's Bon's birthday, and to commemorate such an important milestone in his life, he and the Kyoto gang (plus a few special guests) decided to...? *Zips lips shut* Well, no spoilers here! You're going to have to read this yourself!~ ^-^
Thanks for all the hard work, AnE team! :yaha:

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Re: Salaryman Exorcist 13 By S2Scans

Post by Myeolchi » Thu Aug 06, 2015 5:19 pm

Thank you <3
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Re: Salaryman Exorcist 13 By S2Scans

Post by curiroseberry » Sun Aug 09, 2015 4:12 am

Read it, love it - SalaYuki is LOVE, SalaYuki is LIFE.

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