GOTM Rules

A monthly competition to showcase the graphic talents of our users. Anyone is welcome to join!
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GOTM Rules

Post by Asuna » Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:03 am

Entry Rules

1) All entries must be made by the contestant(s).
2) General forum rules apply- No bashing, no porn etc.
3) Disable your signature when posting your entry.
4) You are allowed to change your entry anytime before the deadline.
5) Do not spam the entry thread. Post all comments in the discussion thread instead.
6) Entries can also be one of your old works.
7) Posting old work is limited only to 3 times.
8) By graphics means, you can also post sketches, digital art, digital coloring that suit the theme.


Voting Rules

1) Vote for your top 3 favourites among the entries. First place will get 3 marks, second place gets 2 marks and third place gets 1 mark.
2) Contestants are not allowed to vote for themselves.
3) Vote fishing is not allowed.
4) Don't vote simply because you're friends with the contestant or because you like the series/character/pairing. Vote based on skills and abilities displayed by the contestants.
5) It is preferable to comment on why you voted for that particular entry when you vote as the graphic artists enjoy feedback.

Example vote:

1) A- I love your use of textures.
2) B- A very simple piece, but the color and emotion suits the theme very well.
3) C- Wonderful and neat coloring.

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