GOTM #2 Voting Thread

A monthly competition to showcase the graphic talents of our users. Anyone is welcome to join!

Which entry do you like best?

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GOTM #2 Voting Thread

Post by Myeolchi » Sat Jul 25, 2015 5:32 pm

Welcome to the GOTM Entry #2 Voting Thread! This month's theme was Horror/Dark, chosen by our previous winner, Myeolchi! :lala:

Here's the awesome entries!





You can vote for only one person. The person with the most number of votes wins.
Of course, it would be awesome if you could post your votes and feedback too though :3

For example:
a. I voted for <A> because I like how the colors blend together.
b. I voted for <B> because the background is pretty and fits the theme perfectly.

This is not mandatory but it is appreciated! :D

Voting will end on July 31, 2015. The winner will select the theme for the next GOTM~

Happy voting! :spin:

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Re: GOTM #2 Voting Thread

Post by Daniela » Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:44 am

Welp, I've got some free time on my hands for now...

This round's too damn hard to cast a vote for, I tell you. Everyone (except meh, I s'pose, 'cuz it was sooooo out of place HAHAHAHA) has really done vey well! Pat yourselves all on the back, wherever you are.

My vote this round goes to Myeolchi (again), by a very very very narrow margin. I like the use of the red white black color scheme, and the positioning of the various parts used makes the whole pic come together as a whole very well. I especially like the taste for true blood text at the left of the graphic - the font you used and the arrangement of the words are more or less what I would use in arranging a set - as in my The King and I graphic last GOTM.

That said, I also love the graphics of Aira and Elinicia, as well.

Aira's concept is awesome, what with the flickering effect used on the character. It's similar to what you see ghosts do on horror films, where they flicker and then the next moment they've shunpo-ed right in front of you, like wtf how did that happen. Thumbs up for that. I also dig the color theme of brown and black, but I guess I would have liked to see more particulate matter swirling around, to create the whole sandstorm thing going on.

Elinicia's piece reminded me of security camera footage - those of the paranormal variety are usually in greenish tint, or I just don't watch enough paranormal reality TV. Also, the LQ-ness of the stock images used (the ssshhh guy, and the pair of eyes, in particular), add to that CCTV feel. IDK what others would think of that, though. I also like the patches of white bordering the image, which balances out the green bordering to black parts of the pic. The text for outlast, though, I find a bit too blurred for my taste, especially to the right side, tinted with green. Just a bit, tho.

I would have voted you all if I could. Really.
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Re: GOTM #2 Voting Thread

Post by Kitsu » Tue Jul 28, 2015 7:53 am

Lol I guess it's imposssible NOT to have any Tokyo Ghoul entries with this theme.
Guys, there's not much for me to say because I have like no criticism in me (might partially be because it's like 3:24 am). Nice job this time around :{D

Interesting how you chose red as the main color when the theme immediately urges people to use black (or maybe that's just me). Somehow, Kaneki and the skeleton girl feel like they're popping out from the background. Nice nice (*sighs* please excuse me for my 3AM vocabulary, and any lack of enthusiasm, everyone. It's been a while since I stayed up so late.)

Dani-chan: Ooh our first traditional work (to my memory, at least xP)! Nice shading work; I don't have much patience for things like shading. But as my art teacher says, "Don't be afraid of the dark!" Artwork tends to have more impact if there is more contrast. Don't be afraid to shade darker!
The image is blurry for me because slow internet, but I'm kinda intruiged by the white tag attached to his toe. Is this a medical tradition, a referance to some literary work that I don't know about or something, or both?

Aira-chaan: I know we've never talked before, but chan is fine, right? Also, Bleach!! >_<
Kaneki Ken! Wow, you went so far as to making a gif for this!
As Daniela-chan already mentioned, I also like the fade-in effect. The whole thing just reminds me of a ghost emerging from the mist or something. Honestly, if Kaneki appeared in front of me like that saying "I am a ghoul," I'd be pretty scared x'D
Ai-chan, the text is somehow difficult to read though—mainly the "I" or even the whole "I am" part. Maybe make the background even lighter at the beginning at the gif? Actually, going with Dani-chan's suggestion and adding more of the "sand" effect might help solve this.

Eli-chan: This nickname os okay, right?
Haha no I cannot outlast. Definitely not.
I like what you did with the borders~
The guy is scarryy~ it's even better since you left out his eyes, which basically helps humans identify who is who. Doing so also cuts out a lot of emotion, and since there are no eyes speaking to us, it's really quiet out here.
The black space near the middle/left kinda bothers me since it's just this empty black expanse. I see some blurry images between the hush-man and the darkness, which makes me feel as if there should be more to the graphic.
AND HOLY CRAP ARE THOSE GLOWING EYES RIGHT OVER THERE maybe if you moved them a bit down and to the right, they would've gained more attention (and help fill up the black expanse). The way it is now, the eyes are totally overpowered by the impact of the man on the right side.
And yeah, maybe instead of blurring the end of the text, make it seem staticky? This is probably just personal opinion, but it looks kinda moldy and slimy right now, which doesn't give a sense of "Can you last?" Since mold/slime last very long very easily. On the other hand, static would match the effect you used for the border and give a more unstable feeling to the word/graphic, which would better suit the words that you chose.

I'm going to sleep now~good jo, everyone! Hope to see you at the next GOTM (and hopefully I'll get my lazy self to join too xP)!

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Re: GOTM #2 Voting Thread

Post by Elinicia » Thu Jul 30, 2015 5:02 am

So i voted days ago lol im just to lazy to comment xD. All of the entries are great already~
Anyway here's my comment :D.
Dani-sis: I like your entry. You are getting better in drawing. Your entry have potential but it lacks the dark/horror factor.

Aira aka Mom: your entry looks cool and i love the smoke effects but it would be better if it is looped nicely. Its just that im expecting something in the end lol.

Mia-sis: Your entry looks scary at all! I love how it is all red and bloody. Theres nothing i can comment about it because it really fits in the theme! I voted this one :).

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Re: GOTM #2 Voting Thread

Post by Aira » Fri Jul 31, 2015 6:16 am

Voted for Daniela's entry. (y)

I like how the moment I saw the drawing, it already gave me a creepy image. Is it a dead person's feet? omg
I agree with Elinicia too. You're getting better at drawing. Something I envy since I can only draw sticks. lol

Myeolchi - Tbh I also wanted to vote for this. too bad I can only choose one. As expected, you're really good at using textures. Something I am struggling to do with my works. So I really admire your works.

Elinicia - I like this too but the image used could be more clearer to make it stand out better? idk I suck at explaining. lol

Thanks to whoever voted for me and to your kind works guys. :))


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