FAQ - Read before asking please~

Ask your questions here, just don't ask us too much about when the next chapter will be released....
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FAQ - Read before asking please~

Post by Asuna » Wed Apr 29, 2015 7:57 am

Q: How long does it take to release <name of series>? or When will you release the next chapter of <name of series>?
A: It'll be released when it is ready. We don't have a regular schedule for anything. Releases depend on the availability of staff.

Q: Why are releases for <name of series> so slow?
A: Most probably, we lack staff to release said series quickly. Check our recruitment thread to apply and help us out!

Q: Have you dropped <name of series>?
A: Check our projects page to check if a series is ongoing, dropped, or completed. If it's on our Current Projects list, then it's not dropped (obviously, lol).

Q: Can you pick up <name of series>?
A: We are currently not picking up any series because we are understaffed. We want to focus on our current projects and get up to date with them, rather than picking up more and more series, only to ignore/abandon them because we don't have enough manpower.

Q: Do you allow retranslation of your projects?
A: Yes. Please contact us via PM or email so we're aware and please credit us as well. ^^

Q: Are you open to joints?
A: We are open to potential joints in the future, if the need for one arises. Please PM or email us if you're interested in a joint. :)

I will add more questions later on as needed~

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